1 de março de 2017

SAA Seeks Editor of The American Archivist

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SAA Seeks Editor of The American Archivist 

Are you an avid reader of the professional literature? Are you a published author? Do you have experience as an editor? Do you get excited about nurturing new and veteran voices? Are you brimming with ideas for expanding the journal’s readership? If so, then you could be the next editor of The American Archivist! For more information and to apply, click here

Deadline to apply: April 14.

Read the Latest Issue of American Archivist
Better late than later! The Fall/Winter American Archivist (vol. 79, no. 2) will be available online tomorrow. Articles highlight the archival profession in Russia from Ivan the Terrible to World War I, digital archiving in Canada, and developing an OAIS-compliant digital curation system. What can we learn about cultural preservation from recent conflicts in the Middle East? How do we understand archives in the digital age? Is there a better way to directly connect special collections to higher education curriculum? And what are the best practices for structuring crowdsourced transcription? Explore these questions and more tomorrow in the digital edition (click on current issue)—and keep an eye on your mailbox for the print edition!

Know more on: http://archivists.org/

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